Reading Antenna Short Wave Ratio is fun

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SWR Test

every antenna, which we  intends to buy either new or used, should be measured in accordance with appropriate frequency. failure to comply with the appropriate measurement can cause damages to the radio. in addition, the antenna, that have been long used also need to be serviced for a longer lifespan. among the necessary tools required to measure the antenna is an antenna cutting chart, measuring tape, radio (handheld or mobile), short wave ratio (SWR) meter, metal cutter and griping. so, happy measuring  to you too. 73' de 9W6DmZ 

9w6Zai is preparing some stuff to fit the antenna mount

Reading SWR with patience..

Referring to the antenna cutting chart is necessary in order not to make some major mistakes especially when cutting the antenna length

while both of us busy tuning the antenna, we've received this QSL Card posted from chinese Amateur Radio Operator to my friend (9w6Zai). Recently, they have made a HF radio contact thru  the 10 meter radio frequency (28Mhz).  :-)

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