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Amateur Radio Roadshow at Kalimaran Fest 2011

In conjunction to the Kalimaran fest in 2011, the BORNEO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB (BARC) successfully draw visitors to attend their radio booth. I think, this is the third consecutive year of amateur radio volunteers from the organization come to Tenom just to promote amateur radio as a hobby and educate peoples on how significant radio amateur used when other communications fail.

AMATEUR RADIO ROADSHOW HISTORY IN THE MAKING... - 2009 -  Organized by Kinabalu Amateur Radio Soceity (KARTS) - CALLSIGN 9M4SPT - 2010 -  Organized by Interior Ham Group and BARC - CALLSIGN 9M4SAB - 2011 -  Organized by Borneo Amateur radio Club (BARC) - CALLSIGN 9M4SAB -2012  -  :-)

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